Sports and Remedial Massage
A specific treatment that uses specialised techniques together with traditional methods. Aimed at relieving tension in problem areas, assisting sports injuries and improving performance. Not just for the sports enthusiast, an ideal treatment for everyday aches and pains.
60 minutes £50 / 30 minutes £30

Relaxation Massage
A blissful treatment using traditional Swedish massage techniques focusing on alleviating stress, reducing tension and promoting relaxation.
60 minutes £50 / 30 minutes £30

Thermal Auricular Therapy
A pleasant treatment of the ears using Hopi ear candles to assist in treating a number of conditions including compacted earwax, sinusitis and headaches. Includes facial massage.
30-40 minutes £40

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage uses natural basalt stones which are heated and then used to massage the body. The heat from the stones penetrates to a deep level to promote a relaxed state and encourage faster and deeper muscle relaxation. Massage is a therapeutic way to nurture our bodies and the incorporation of hot stones is a wonderful enhancement to a massage treatment.
60 minutes £60

Indian Head Massage
An invigorating yet soothing treatment to melt away tension in the scalp, neck and shoulders. Performed in a seated position.
40 minutes £40